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MFPC Milestone Gallery :-

3rd MFPC International Conference on Islamic Wealth Management & Financial Planning & Luncheon Celebration to Commemorate GIFA Award 2016

3rdICWM YE1E9628 YE1E9802

MFPC 6th Graduation Ceremony & Luncheon 2015

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2nd Conference on Islamic Wealth Management and Financial Planning & UNESCO Wen Hui Award Commemoration Luncheon 2015

Picture 614 Picture 497 Picture 691

Wenhui Award 2014

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Tournament 2014

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MFPC 10th Anniversary 2014

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MFPC VIDEO GALLERY (Click on the Image Below)

Video Gallery (10th Anniversary MFPC) MFPC Corporate Video       
MFPC@Malaysia Hari Ini,RTM
anniversary video  anuar
MFPC@Bernama “The Nation”  MFPC@RTM1 Talkshow “Bajet 2016”  MFPC@RTM1 Talkshow SPM
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