The Financial Planning Aspiration Day is organised with the objective to aspire young generation and amateur financial practitioners to actively participate in industry events to gain direct contact and affiliation with the industry stakeholders. The effort is also correlated with the initiative of the MFPC and Capital Market Development Fund (CMDF) that Financial Planner Internship Programme (FPIP) is intended to provide practical training and exposure for undergraduates and youngsters to work with the financial advisory firms and related financial institutions.

The MFPC believe the anticipated growth of quality talents in the financial planning industry would be realised with strong collaboration and partnership among all the stakeholders.

Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC) are keen to provide industry exposure platforms through the 1st MFPC Employment and Career Aspiration Day event. Main objectives of this event are as follow;

  • To provide platform for the students/practitioners to meet and interact with the licensed financial planners to understanding more about their scope of work.
  • To provide students/practitioners an opportunity in their job seeking and career advancement.
  • To facilitate students/practitioners in taking up the FPIP programme.
  • To provide students/practitioners a networking session in meeting the industry practitioners and employers.
  • To provide students/practitioners with industry up-dates and working experience sharing session during the fair

Aspiration Day’s and Activities

(1) Sembang Santai Sessions

Invited licensed Financial Planners to share their sustainable business and practical experience with students/practitioners.

  • 7-8 Boutique Sharing Sessions will be scheduled during the fair.
  • Students/Practitioners shall register in accordance to pre-scheduled time slots on first come first serve basis.
  • Admission is on complementary basis.
  • Each Boutique Sharing Session could accommodate 8 to 10 students/practitioners.
  • Boutique Sharing Session will be organised at 3-4 designated venue/restaurant.

All students/practitioners who have attended the MFPC Briefing; Boutique Sharing Session and exhibition counselling will be given a Certificate of Attendance by the MFPC. Licensed Financial Planners and exhibitors shall verify attendance.

(2) Interview Sessions

 Employment and Financial Planner Internship Programme(FPIP)

Students/Practitioners are encouraged to find out more about the internship programme and employment opportunity offers by the exhibitors. The setup of the booth is intended to provide company information and employment opportunity to the students/practitioners.

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