Dear ladies and gentlemen,

  1. Programme and Intake Enrolment Policy
  2. Revocation of Approved Scholarship

  1. Programme and Intake Enrolment Policy – MFPC & CMDF Scholarship Programmes

 Please be informed that the MFPC has the executive right to assign the approved programmes and intakes for all the scholarship recipients; scholarship recipients who have been notified in writing to attend pre-scheduled programmes/classes are required to abide by the assigned programmes/classes accordingly. For those who have failed to report attendance to the programmes/classes or failed to follow through the programmes/classes as assigned; the MFPC shall delist their name from the scholarship register. With this, the MFPC is no longer in the position to redeem or continue to provide scholarship to them.

We would like to urge all scholarship recipients to observe this enrolment policy and plan your study in advance; and be attentive to complete the programme as scheduled. Postponement or deferment of classes and examinations will not be entertained except for severe medical conditions with recommendation from medical panel. Your cooperation will ensure smooth conduct of scholarship programmes/classes for all the bonafide scholars.

  1. Revocation of Approved Scholarship

 Please be informed that the MFPC shall exercise its right to revoke approved scholarship when circumstances prevailed; and when deem necessary.

MFPC is committed to providing educational scholarship to individuals who are aspiring to be licensed financial planner with support from Securities Commission Malaysia and CMDF. Nonetheless, MFPC shall exercise revocation of approved scholarship to ensure only eligible and committed individuals are given the priority to receive the scholarship; and this measure shall prevent misuse or misinterpretation of the purpose for the scholarship being granted to an individual.

Please take note that approved scholarship shall be revoked should candidates:

  1. Fail to give confirmation on acceptance of scholarship offer upon receipt of offer letter/email from the MFPC.
  2. Fail to complete online registration upon scholarship approval.
  3. Fail to attend assigned programmes/classes/intakes.
  4. Fail to fulfil at least 75% of class attendance.
  5. Fail to pay commitment fee of RM250.

Please be informed that these terms and conditions will take effect immediately. For clarification and assistance,

please contact the MFPC Secretariat at 03 – 6203 5899 or email to

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Desmond Chong Kok Fei

Chairman, Certification and CPD Board, MFPC

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