Kuala Lumpur, 19 September 2019 – The Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC) is honoured to receive the prestigious award once again from the Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA), as Best Islamic Wealth Management Qualification 2019 for our Shariah Registered Financial Planner Programme and GIFA Championship Award (Advocacy) 2019 for the Council’s nationwide public literacy programme. The award ceremony was held at The Westin in Cape Town, South Africa. The award honours MFPC, whom, in addition to achieving outstanding progress in Shariah Financial Planning education, is making a significant and lasting social impact for youths through the Council’s free ‘My Money & Me’ financial literacy programme.

Vincent Kwo Shih Kang, President of Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC) said, ‘It is a great honour to receive the Best Islamic Wealth Management Qualification 2019 and the GIFA Championship Award (Advocacy) 2019. Having been the recipient of the award for four years, it goes to show our commitment to ensuring that the quality of our programme is relevant in the market. At the heart of the matter, Shariah RFP is actively evolving, including timely updates and changing percentage of the content in line with the development of Islamic finance in the world. Our next goal which is in the pipeline is accessible, affordable and flexible learning opportunities of our programmes through a Learning Management System (LMS).

To date, we have partnered with various stakeholders in the finance spectrum to provide good education and partnerships for the goals which is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), SDGs 4 and SDGs 17. Central to MFPC’s existence is collaborations with relevant agencies, mapping a way forward for Malaysians to be beneficiaries of the session. We hope these contributions will ensure the populace will be able to better manage their income, savings, investments and plan for the unintended through acquiring basic financial literacy knowledge.

MFPC has conducted financial literacy workshops in most of the states in peninsular Malaysia in the year 2019 which was specifically targeted for the youths. Through these sessions, we have discoursed pertinent knowledge on financial literacy that youths should embody to be competitively able and empowered to manage their finances despite challenges of the 21st century volatilities. Our ability to deliver game-changing initiatives for financial literacy education was made possible with a gamification application. Our key goal at our My Money & Me session is to provide solutions to the cost of living challenges by adopting financial planning methods. For details of our next session, log on to https://1st.mfpc.org.my/PublicEventRegistration/83

As you may be aware that MFPC is in constant effort to promote financial planning education to the undergraduates from both public and private universities; we are pleased to inform that the Board will run the Financial Planning Young Talent Programme (YTP); continuation of the Financial Planning Internship Programme(FPIP) with immediate effect. Since the introduction of FPIP, MFPC together with FPIP’s participating companies have managed to provide internship placements to more than 200 interns within the course of 2 years.

Financial Planning Young Talent Programme (YTP) objectives are as below:

  • To assists students to be efficient, innovative and competitive in the Financial Planning Industry.
  • To develop and upgrade skills of students that is required by the Financial Planning Industry.
  • To provide students with relevant knowledge to meet the needs and priorities of a developing Financial Planning Industry.
  • To enable students to further and put into practice the knowledge they acquired during their studies.
  • To provide students with professional working environment that can give students rewarding and interesting experience.
  • To contribute pool of candidates for potential employment within the Malaysian financial sectors.


MFPC is committed to promote YTP to the MFPC collaborative universities and Education Providers nationwide; to welcome and attract young talents into financial planning fraternity. All internship applications through the MFPC shall be channelled to Participating Companies for the respective company to conduct recruitment procedures and interviews.

Interested MFPC corporate companies that wish to participate in the YTP as Participating Company are invited the write/email to the MFPC Secretariat, Education & Training Department to inform us your intent. Please be informed that a structured internship programme outline/planned activities is required to be submitted to the Certification & CPD Board for approval. You are also advised to put in place appropriate internship guidelines clearly stipulated internships allowance; working hours; duty and responsibility; and expected work performance.

For clarification and assistance, please contact Mr Vincent Choong or Mr Addy at 03 – 6203 5899 or email to vincent@mfpc.org.my  or addy@mfpc.org.my

In tandem with the expeditious growth of the Certified MFPC Trainer community, the Certification and CPD Board (CCB) has deliberated to strengthen the structure of the trainer/lecturer certification system in providing a comprehensive coverage for all MFPC members who is inspired to register as Certified MFPC Trainer under MFPC.

In this regard, the CCB has considered pertinent factors such as variation of training abilities; scholarly contributions; valuable industry exposure; commitment and experience in developing the financial planning profession in Malaysia; and the Board has established a structured and systematic framework for Certified MFPC Trainers to provide continued support to the Council in offering quality financial planning education to the members and public at large.

With immediate effect, the MFPC’s trainer classification will be grouped into two categories, which are the Certified MPC Trainer (CMT) and the Principle Certified MPC Trainer (Principle CMT). Please find enclosed herewith up-dated Principle CMT and CMT guidelines for your attention.

In addition, the Board acknowledges and respects experts’ views and participations in contributing to the positive growth of the financial planning education; and the Board welcomes individuals in various relevant industries to register as Certified MFPC Subject Matter Expert.

For further clarification and assistance, please contact Ms. Wawa, Education and Training Department at 03-6203 5899 or email to wawa@mfpc.org.my.


click >>Guideline for Certified MFPC Trainer (CMT)

Thank you.

Yours sincerely
Malaysian Financial Planning Council
Dr Desmond Chong Kok Fei
Certification and CPD Board

Financial Planning Literacy Programme for Youths

Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, 6th January 2018 – Malaysian Financial Planning Council has organised a one-day Financial Planning Shariah Workshop for youths at Bilik Pameran Majlis Perbandaran Seremban.

This workshop is part of the initiative from MFPC in order to provide quality basic financial literacy for all Malaysians, which is aligned to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by United Nations (UN) of which the Council is a signatory. This one day workshop was launched by Deputy Minister of Education II, YB Senator Datuk Chong Sin Woon. The Council received support from many agencies especially agencies that are familiar within the financial sector such as EPF, FiMM, and AKPK and for the programme to cover key fundamentals of financial planning and to help youths to use financial planning knowledge towards their advantage. Besides, others NGO’s like Majlis Belia Malaysia also committed to ensure the success of this program by inviting all the youths in Negeri Sembilan in order to join this literacy programme.

The core objective of this programme is on creating awareness to youths on prudent personal finance, improve youth’s knowledge about planning aspects of personal finance and allows youths to master skills using personal finance management methods to have a better future.

YB Senator Datuk Chong Sin Woon, Deputy Minister of Education II, said ‘To promote more financial literacy among youths, the Malaysian government through the Ministry of Education is pleased that such a programme is being organised at no cost for participants’. He commended, MFPC for successfully organising this seminar and the various stakeholders for coming together to organise this programme.

Meanwhile, Mr. Michael Kok Fook On, said ‘Financial education must start at an early age and preferably before youths go off to work in the real world. Providing financial education to adults is not enough to ensure a financially literate Malaysia. To enable financial education to reach the masses, the subject must be integrated to our youth and children. Financial education should play an important role around the community in order to educate youths well’.

He reiterated that MFPC would continue to work with numerous stakeholders in the series of free literacy seminar and remains committed to promoting financial literacy and financial well-being.  This financial literacy programme was made possible through the financial support of the Capital Market Development Fund (CMDF).

Financial Planning Literacy Crucial in Achieving National SDGs

Kuala Lumpur, November 24th, 2017 – As part of the Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC) agenda to achieve the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to ensure proper planning and sustainability of financial literacy in Malaysia, the MPFC has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate with Global Compact Network Malaysia (GCMY).

MFPC and GCMY will collaborate to promote awareness and advocate for financial planning to enable financial sustainability. They will also partner with the Government, think-tanks and academic centres to design sustainability into financial planning education. Together MFPC and GCMY will conduct training and information sharing sessions, seminars, workshops and best practice exchanges with stakeholders domestically and regionally.

MFPC has committed to SDG 4 and SDG 17 to, respectively, ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and to implement and vitalize global partnership for sustainable development. MFPC and GCMY have a roadmap to achieve these goals by raising awareness on financial planning, providing skills to improve individual understanding and knowledge of rights.

In expressing his appreciation, MFPC’s President, Michael Kok Foo On said “It is certainly a privilege for us to collaborate with a world recognised body and it is indeed very encouraging as we continue doing what we do ever since our initiative in 2002 through the support of the Malaysian Government”. He added “A good understanding in financial literacy will make an important impact to the efficiency of the financial system and to the performance of the country’s economy.”

Puvan J Selvanathan, President of GCMY, said, ‘“With MFPC we can help to improve the level of financial literacy nationally. People are sustainable when they have financial security on income, education and health for their household. MFPC programmes and projects strategically strengthen the achievement of the SDGs in Malaysia”.

MFPC recognises the challenge to meet the UN SDGs by 2030 and is committed to creating a viable economic foundation for the future. The target programmes will promote sustainable livelihoods, education and sustainable economic and financial well-being.