MFPC E-Marketing Services

MFPC offer E-marketing services to all its Corporate Members. The E-marketing services are as per below :-

No. Item Rate
1. Dedicated email blast (One Time)
Active Ordinary and Student Members
RM 106
2. SMS blast (One Time)
Active Ordinary Members
RM 530
3. SMS blast (One Time)
Ordinary and Students Members
RM 1,060
4. Website banner advertising and facebook advert (per month) RM 106
5. Website Main Banner advertising and facebook advert (per month) RM 212

Note : 6% GST will be applicable and shown in Tax Invoice

If you are interested to advertise with us, you can email to

For more information on E-marketing packages for your company, and the corporate packages we offer, please contact us at 03-6203 5899 External Relations Department.