About MFPC

MFPC is an independent body set up with the noble objective of promoting nationwide development and enhancement of the financial planning profession. MFPC provides an evolving set of Best Practice Standards and Code of Ethics that must be adhered to by Registered Financial Planner (RFP) and Shariah RFP designees. This requirement is aimed at ensuring that the public will be served with the highest quality of financial planning services. MFPC was registered on 10 March 2004 under the Societies Act 1996.

MFPC is proud to have received numerous awards. In 2014, MFPC received Honourable Commendation in the UNESCO Wen Hui Award for Educational Innovation in recognition of its Financial Planning awareness programmes. In addition, in September 2015, MFPC was awarded the Best Islamic Finance Education Provider by the prestigious Global Islamic Financial Awards (GIFA). Subsequently, in June 2016, the World Education Congress Global Awards awarded MFPC the Best Educational Institute in Banking and Insurance. Further, our Shariah Registered Financial Planner was recognized as the Best Islamic Finance Qualification 2016 and Best Islamic Wealth Management Qualification 2018 by the GIFA Awards Committee.

Registered Financial Planner (RFP)

The Registered Financial Planner (RFP) programme was launched by the former Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz in November 2002. The RFP designation was approved by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) in March 2005 as the prerequisite qualification to apply for the Financial Adviser’s Licence and Financial Adviser’s Representative Licence. The Registered Financial Planner (RFP) designation was also approved by Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) in November 2005 as one of the qualifications to apply for the Investment Advisers’ Licence under the Securities Industry Act 1983.The RFP designation has also been approved by the SC for the application of the Capital Markets Services Licence (CMSL) with the implementation of the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007

The RFP serves as a mechanism for the MFPC to help fulfil the national objectives of making Malaysia a Centre of Educational Excellence. The RFP signifies the twin pillars of professionalism in financial planning – Professional Education and Practice Excellence. Most importantly, the concept of the RFP is defined by Malaysians. As of September 2012, RFP designees are licensed Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) distributors/consultants. The Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (FIMM) which regulates PRS consultants grants RFP designees automatic recognition as PRS consultants.

Affiliate RFP

The Affiliate RFP designation was launched by Y.B. Dato’ Mustapa bin Mohamed, Minister of International Trade and Industry on 6 December 2007. It was introduced in recognition of the commitment of the students undertaking the RFP programme. The Affiliate RFP designation is conferred on members who have passed Module 1: Fundamentals of Financial Planning and one other module of the RFP Programme. The Affiliate RFP serves as a measure to inject a new force of professionally qualified human capital into the industry. Affiliate RFP designees are potential Financial Adviser Representatives and Capital Markets Services Licence Representatives who will be given the appropriate guidance and opportunities to practise financial planning advisory services.

RFP Programme (7 Modules)

Module 1: Fundamentals of Financial Planning
Module 2: Risk Management & Insurance Planning
Module 3: Investment Planning
Module 4: Zakat & Tax Planning
Module 5: Estate Planning
Module 6: Retirement Planning
Module 7: Applications in Financial Planning

Shariah Registered Financial Planner (Shariah RFP)

In line with the national agenda to make Malaysia an Islamic Financial Centre and to promote advancement in Islamic transactions and businesses, MFPC developed the Shariah RFP Programme as a practical professional programme for practitioners to equip themselves with Takaful and Islamic financial planning principles and knowledge. Y.B. Dato’ Seri Mohamed Khaled Bin Nordin, former Minister of Higher Education, launched the Shariah RFP Programme on 21 August 2008. Shariah RFP is a recognised as a professional programme by both Bank Negara Malaysia and Securities Commission Malaysia.

Affiliate Shariah RFP

In response to local and international market demand and changes in the financial planning landscape, MFPC introduced the Affiliate Shariah RFP designation for members who have passed Module 1: Fundamentals of Shariah Financial Planning and one other module of the Shariah RFP Programme. The Affiliate Shariah RFP aims to meet the need for a pool of professionally qualified practitioners in the Shariah financial planning sector in Malaysia.

Shariah RFP Programme (7 Modules)

Module 1: Fundamentals of Shariah Financial Planning
Module 2: Risk & Takaful Planning
Module 3: Shariah Investment Planning
Module 4: Zakat & Tax Planning
Module 5: Shariah Estate Planning
Module 6: Retirement Planning
Module 7: Applications in Shariah Financial Planning

Financial Planning Awareness Workshops for Undergraduates, Practitioners and Public

MFPC continuously promotes awareness of the value and importance of financial planning and financial planning services, and works towards elevating the financial planning literacy of Malaysians. Towards this end, we regularly conduct financial planning awareness workshops and programmes for undergraduates, practitioners and the public nationwide. These include our Financial Planning Workshops (My Money and Me) and our Shariah Financial Planning Awareness Programmes.

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