MFPC 7th Graduation Ceremony 2017

(1) On-line Examination Registration via MFPC Website
(2) Appeal Form (AF01): Appeal to Defer Examination/Extend Examination Validity/Remark Project Paper

( 1 ) On-line Examination Registration via MFPC Website

We are pleased to inform that MFPC will implement the on-line examination registration through MFPC website starting August 2017 examination intake.

On-line Examination Registration will allow students to register their examinations with a computer or electronic device at time convenient to them. Students are required to key in all the necessary information as stipulated in the e-Examination Registration Form. Students could register on-line effective 6 March 2017. Please find e-Examination Registration Form link: for your attention.

Hence, with immediate effect; please be advised that the Secretariat will no longer accept print/scan/email copy of Examination Registration Form (EF01).

( 2 ) Appeal Form (AF01): Appeal to Defer Examination/Extend Examination Validity/Remark Project Paper 

Please be informed that the Examination Board (EB) has deliberated; and decision has been made for students to submit official Appeal Form (AF01) for three (3) categories of appeal; and appeal fee is applicable respectively as table below;

No. Category of Appeal Appeal Fee
1 Deferment of examination date/module/ centre/intake before the examination registration closing date. RM53
2 Extend examination validity RFP/Shariah RFP module and RFP/Shariah RFP capstone; examination/project paper. RM106
3 Remark RFP/Shariah RFP module 7 and RFP/Shariah RFP capstone project paper. RM318

Appeal procedure will take effect immediately.

For clarification and assistance, please contact the MFPC Secretariat at 03 – 6203 5899 or email to

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Malaysian Financial Planning Council

Dr Achene Lahsasna

Chairman, Examination Board

Illustration of CPD Submission 2016

Dear MFPC Members,

Here is the illustration on the CPD submission for your attention.

Click here to download

Shariah Registered Financial Planner (RFP) was named the Best Islamic Finance Qualification 2016 yesterday by the Global Islamic Finance Award (GIFA) consecutively after receiving the Best Islamic Finance Education Provider in 2015.

MFPC’s President, Mr. Md Adnan Bin Md Zain received the award at the 6th Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) held in Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia on 29th September 2016. Md Adnan was accompanied by Mr. Michael Kok Fook On, Deputy President of MFPC, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahcene Lahsasna, Shariah Advisory Committee of MFPC.

“It’s truly gratifying to have our Shariah Registered Financial Planner (RFP) to be recognized once again by the GIFA Award’s committee as we have been named the ‘Best Islamic Finance Education Provider’ last year.”  It is known to many, our initiative in developing Shariah RFP is to play a part of making Malaysia as an international marketplace for Islamic finance. We believe that our initiative in developing the Islamic financial planning will further solidify our position as the premier umbrella body representing Financial Planning Professionals and Financial Services Providers in Malaysia. We are humble of what we (MFPC) have achieved all these years and this recognition will indeed be the catalyst to further drive us to be committed in what we do, and to benefit not only Malaysians, but we look forward to share our knowledge in Islamic Wealth Management in Asia region and at the global arena in the near future. I am pleased and honored to accept this award”.

Currently, MFPC have more than 10,000 members and 441 of them are qualified Shariah RFP designees. MFPC believes that over the years, the number of Shariah RFP will increase as the demand for it is continuous as financial practitioners and the general public have been vigilant on Islamic wealth management.

The inaugural of GIFA was held on 2011 at the Oman Islamic Economic Forum (OIEF). GIFA emerged as the most respectable market-led awards in Islamic banking and finance. The objective of GIFA is to highlight the best practices in Islamic banking and finance, with an ultimate objective of promoting social responsibility, adherence to Shariah authenticity and commitment to Islamic banking and finance.