– MFPC shall charge endorsement fee RM212.00 inclusive GST for each CPD programme approved by the CCB.

– CPD Training Provider shall be a Corporate Member of MFPC.

– CPD Training Provider must submit endorsement application to the MFPC Secretariat at least 14 days prior to the actual programme date.

– The CCB will process CPD endorsement only if the following required documents have been submitted to MFPC Secretariat on time:

I. Objectives and learning outcomes of the programme
II. Outline of the programme
III. Speakers’ profile
IV. Speakers’ identification card/passport number or a copy of photo stated identification card/passport
V. Programme Fee

Click below for CPD Endorsement Application Form (PDF)

No Item Format
1 CPD Programme Endorsement Guidelines
2 CPD Endorsement Application Form  MS Word
3 CPD Attendance List  MS Excell

CPD Endorsement Guidelines

pdf-flat Guidelines of Certification and CPD Board (CCB)

Actual Hour (Learning/Lecture/Training/Writing) MFPC CPD Credit Hours
 Full day, 8 or more actual hours per day Eight (8) CPD credit hours ; Maximum fifteen (15) CPD credit hours
 Half-day / Evening classes One (1) CPD credit hour for every actual hour (Maximum of 4 credit hours allowed)
 E-Learning/Multimedia/Approved Self Learning Programme Number of CPD credit hours awarded to be the same as that awarded to companies recognized classroom learning programme

MFPC provides E-Marketing services to our corporate members :-

 No. Item Rate
1. Dedicated email blast (One Time) –
Active Ordinary and Student Members
RM 106
2. SMS blast (One Time) –
Active Ordinary Members
RM 530
3. SMS blast (One Time) –
Ordinary and Students Members
RM 1,060
4. Website banner advertising and facebook advert (per month) RM 106
5. Website Main Banner advertising and facebook advert (per month) RM 212

Note : 6% GST will be included and shown in Tax Invoice

(Note) : Please Email your CPD Endorsement Application Form to khalil@mfpc.org.my for approval.