The primary objective of the Malaysian Financial Planning Council is to produce Competent Financial Planners. The process of financial planning involves a lot of interaction with clients in the planning and management of clients’ assets, liabilities, income, expenditure and cash flows. In today’s dynamic and demanding financial landscapes, the clients’ expectation can be very challenging. In order to address these challenges, trainers need to be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge in order to be competent to train future aspiring Financial Planners.

Principal Certified MFPC Trainer List

No.TitleMember CodeNameM1M2M3M4M5M6M7 SM1SM2SM3SM4SM5SM6SM7
1Dr.M30007930Chong Kok Fei (Desmond)YYYYYYYYYTaxYY

Certified MFPC Trainer List

No.TitleMember Code NameM1M2M3M4M5M6M7 SM1SM2SM3SM4SM5SM6SM7
1DrM30011294Adibah Binti Ab. WahabZakatZakat
2MrM30000596Adrian Ho Kian Wei YYYYY
3Dr.M30009417Ahcene LahsasnaYYYZakatYYY
4MrM30006381Ang Chee YongYY
5MsM30000012Anizah Teo @ Teo Ching KimYYY
6MrM30006804Anthony Ang Sang NangYYYYY
7Mr.M30011198Anuar Bin SarunYYYYYYYYY
8MrM30000816Anuar Bin ShuibYYYYY
9MrM30000820Ban Hoan KeongYYYYY
10Dr.Benedict Valentine A/L ArulanandamYYYYYYY
11Dr.M30000018Chai Kon LimYYYYYP
12MrM30005880Chan Boon JiunnYY
13MrM30001304Chew Chong YongYY
14MrM30000569Chin Tse PiauY
15MrM30000062Chong Kin FattYYYYYYYYYY
16Dr.M30007930Chong Kok Fei (Desmond)YYYYYYYYYTaxYY
17MrM30005739Chow Kee KanTax
18MsM30001463Chu Jia YauYYYY
19MrM30006767Chua Beng Hui @ Bobby Chai Boon HuiYY
20MrM30009363Dannie Lim Tian YeeYYYY
21MrM30010329Fabian Ling Wei IngYYYYYY
22Dr.M30000585Fauziah Hanim Binti TafriYYYYY
23Dr.M30009392Hartini Binti JaafarYYYYYYY
24Dr.M30009393Hazianti Binti Abdul HalimYYYYY
25Ms.M30000097Helen Foo May YingYYYYYY
26MrM30004195Hoe Siew YeeYYYYYYYY
27Mr.M30000015James Bong Kee ChinYYYY
28MrM30000687Jason Ng Kwong YongYYYYY
29MrM30000856Kang Kim SiangYY
30MrM30000145Karunamoorthy A/L KumaraswamyYYYY
31MrM30000009Kee Wah SoongYYYYYY
32MrM30000609Kesavan RagavanYYY
33MrM30000162Koeh Chee GuanYYYYY
34MrM30000993Kolandasamy A/L SavarimuthuYY
35MrKong Kim HengY
36MsM30000210Lee Tuan NewYY
37MsM30010118Leong Pui Yee (Pheonne)YYYYYYYY
38MrM30010084Leow Hon WeiYYYYY
39Mr.M30002253Liau Chee HuiYYYYYYYYYY
40MrM30000651Lim Lay HwaYYY
41MrM30005915Lim Poh HoYYYYYZakatYY
42MsMaznah Binti AbdullahYYYYYY
43MrM30000166Michael Kok Fook OnYYYYYY
44Mr.M30009394Mohamad Ali Roshidi Bin AhmadYY
45MrM30000679Mohamad Sani Bin AyobYYYYY
46MrM30008191Nagarajan A/L SupramaniamYYYYYYY
47MrM30009373Owen Chan Ling FoonYYYTaxY
48MrM30009608Rafie Bin OmarYYY
49MsM30000729Rohimah Binti Abd HamidYY
50Dr.M30011195Rusliza Binti YahayaYYYYYYY
51Dr.M30005172Selvamuthu Raja A/L MuthusamyYYYY
52Mr.M30000735Seow Kim HockYYY
53Mr.M30000735Seow Kim Hock (Andy)YYYYYZakatYYY
54Dr.M30009802Stanley YapYYYYYYYYYZakatYY
55DatoM30011555Steve Ong Chong GainYYYYY
56MrM30005958Sunthara SegarYY
57DrM30000392Tan Chuan HongYY
58MrM30000394Tan Ean HoeYYYY
59MrM30005918Tan Kim BookYYYYYY
60Dr.M30006083Tan Thai SoonY
61MrM30004865Teh Chuan SengYYYYY
62MrM30000448Teo Ah Ngo @ Teow Chin YenYYYYYYYYYYY
63MrM30010057Thomas Pui Wee HuaYYYYYYYY
64DrM30010810Zaemah ZainuddinYYYYYY
65MrM30000992Zainal Abidin Bin WazidZakatYY
66MsM30000968Zalina Binti Mohd IshakYYZakatYYY
67Dr.M30011196Zuriadah Binti IsmailYYY

Table Note Indication :-

Example :-(M1 – RFP Module 1)..etc

Example :- (SM1 – Shariah RFP Module 1)..etc

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pdf-flat Certified MFPC Trainer List

CPD Trainer List

No.Member CodeMember NameModule 1 - Fundamentals of Financial PlanningModule 2 - Risk Management & Insurance Planning
1M30007632Annie Thien Saik LingYesYes
2M30009529Chua Mei YuanYesYes
3M30008811Chua Pei ChynYesYes
4M30007998Chung Kui HiongYesYes
5M30009069Dottie Azura Binti IsmailYesYes
6M30009694Edward Khoo Yew WeeYesYes
7M30008028Esther Wang Ling KieYesYes
8M30004670Jasmine Chee Sook MinYesYes
9M30000605Joseph Anthony IllingworthYesYes
10M30009758Kau Poo YeeYesYes
11M30006989Lee Choi NgorYesYes
12M30008021Lee Meng ShiaYesYes
13M30009211Lee Sook FernYesYes
14M30006512Leong Siew YokeYesYes
15M30010746Lew Yune TatYesYes
16M30008674Lim Li YuanYesYes
17M30009697Lincoln Leong Wen YoongYesYes
18M30009526Liu Ching LingYesYes
19M30009526Liu Ching LingYesYes
20M30006256Loh Wei LianYesYes
21M30005156Loo Jee ChuanYesNo
22M30005548Loo Sai ChongYesYes
23M30006678Magenteran SinnasmyYesYes
24M30010201Mah Mun WaiYesYes
25M30009060Marina Binti Mohd NoorYesYes
26M30009237Mohanan GopalYesYes
27M30008191Nagarajan S/O SupramaniamYesYes
28M30007796Najwa Niza Binti Abdul AzizYesYes
29M30009890Ng Jun MingYesYes
30M30008538Ong Chih JenYesYes
31M30002856Pang Kim HwaYesYes
32M30005658Phuah Eng YingYesYes
33M30007256Rabee@Ravin A/L Marimuthu YesYes
34M30009343Rita Ho Tit FongYesYes
35M30000729Rohimah Bt Abd HamidYesYes
36M30000735Seow Kim HockYesYes
37M30008032Sofia Hanum Binti Mohd LasimYesYes
38M30008418Tan Su ChengYesYes
39M30010405Tay Eea LingYesYes
40M30008946Teh Poh GeokYesYes
41M30007185Teng Sin YeeYesYes
42M30009702Teoh Sze FeiYesYes
43M30009814Thanuja Nair D/O SatheesanPassedPassed
44M30005667Yap Hong ChiewPassedPassed
45M30009403Yogeswary A/P MunusamyPassedPassed

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