Vision and Mission

To be the body representing Financial Planning and Shariah Financial Planning Professionals and Financial Services Providers in the region

Our Vision


  • To be the premier umbrella body representing Financial Planning Professionals and Financial Services Providers.

Our Mission


  • To certify financial planners and uplift their professionalism.
  • To enhance the image of the financial planning profession.
  • To set practice standards for financial planning.
  • To provide self-regulation in the financial planning industry.
  • To be premier Financial Education Providers.
  • To promote financial literacy to all Malaysians.

The objectives of the council includes

  • To be the national financial planning organization for the purpose of unifying and strengthening accountability, compliance and conformance to laws and regulations by financial planning providers and practitioners and to enhance self-regulation among them.
  • To focus on the nationwide development and advancement of financial planning providers and practitioners with an objective for convergence and uniform practice standards.
  • To set technical standards for membership, examination and certification requirements, establish a professional code of ethics and compliance and advance the knowledge of the members by way of technical support and education programmes.


Role of The MFPC: The MFPC also aims to achieve the vision and objectives of the Financial Sector Masterplan and Capital Market Masterplan in improving the professionalism, technical ability, financial advising, productivity and quality of the agency force.

• To serve as the National Body responsible for unifying Financial Planning Practices and strengthening the accountability, conformance to laws, regulations and ethics in the profession.
• To serve as the central channel for the development, advancement and representation of Financial Planning Professionals, Practitioners and Financial Service Providers.
• To serve as the certification body for setting technical competency, practice and examination standards for those in the Financial Planning Profession.
• To serve as the self-regulatory body that provides and enforces a code of ethics and compliance requirements to ensure the public is served professionally.
• To promote public awareness of the value and importance of financial planning.