Programme Exemption

Applicant who have prior learning experience in financial planning related programmes is eligible to apply for programme exemption for RFP & Shariah RFP programme.

Notice to Programme Exemption Applicants:

  1. To submit certified true copy of transcripts/results together with exemption application.
  2. To submit programme syllabuses and assessment methodology together with exemption application.
  3. The Certification and CPD Board (CCB) reserves the right to request additional/relevant documents pertaining to the exemption application and to decline exemption application on inadequate document submission/incomplete application form.
  4. All the standard exemption shall be granted to the relevent academic/professional qualification only if respective RFP module(s) was covered in the said programme syllabus.
  5. BA, BSc, Masters, PhD courses and any other qualifications, which are not listed in the exemption table, exemption(s) shall be granted on case–by–case basis.
  6. Maximum 6 modules shall be granted to Module–by–Module Exemption Application.
  7. Evaluation is based on 70% matching syllabus on aggregate basis. Applicant are required to attend module 7 class in  order to complete the RFP or Shariah RFP programme.

Programme Exemption Listing


Click Download Now to download the Programme Exemption Listing for RFP (PDF Format)  :-


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